A reminder...
"Bed and breakfast" are now legally defined by law 2006-437 of April 14th 2006 and its decree 2007-1173 of August 3rd 2007.

Law 2006-437 of April 14th 2006
Article L324-3
Bed and breakfast are defined as furnished room locates in the house of the host as a mean to welcome tourists, for consideration, for one or more nights, and providing different services.

During your stay at "La Persévérance", we ask you to respect the basic rules of social living.
Wifi, linens and bath towels are at your disposal.

Time Schedule
Breakfast is served from 8am to 9am in the dining room.
We ask you please to leave the room at 11am at the latest as the cleaning service is provided every day.
Arrivals are scheduled from 5pm.
If you wish to have dinner at the guest house please book it 24 hours in advance.
Dinner is served from 7h30pm and 8h30pm in the dining room or on the outside terrace depending on the weather.
Smoking is prohibited in the house.
Alcohol consumption is also forbidden except during dinner if served by the host.
Please do not eat in the room.
We do not accept animals.
Kitchen is a private area, therefore you do not have free access to it.

The client is responsible for any damage in the space allowed and must leave the room in perfect condition.

Robbery and accidents:
The owner declines any responsibility in case of robbery or bodily injury occured in the property.